Why Paradigm

Jean Taylor, President, and Dennis Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, serve as your staffing specialists.  With more than 30 years of business and management experience each—we know corporate structure, culture, and staffing needs firsthand.  Our experience translates into valuable insight and successful results in the staffing arena for you!

As an employer—your staffing has a powerful effect on the success of your business and on your bottom line.  Paradigm Staffing Solutions provides the staff members you need to ensure that effect is a very positive one.

As an employee—finding the right position ideally suited to your skills, personality, and goals is very important to your happiness and career fulfillment.  Paradigm Staffing Solutions can help you secure your dream job.

Paradigm Staffing Solutions provides:

  • Extensive Expertise in Business and Management Consulting—We understand how companies operate; how team members interact; and how the dynamics can work for or against profitable organizational growth.  This insight is critical when screening candidates and securing the best position fit for both employers and employees.
  • Comprehensive Pre-Screening Process—We don’t send candidates for company interviews unless we are certain they will be an excellent fit for the position and the organization. Our candidates go through an in-depth pre-screening process including a personal interview and complete assessment with us.  We get to know our candidates and that enables us to find the best possible position for them and the best candidate for employers.
  • Access to Highly Qualified Candidates—The word is out regarding our ability to provide an excellent employee/position fit—in terms of qualifications, personality, and corporate culture.  This translates into greater job satisfaction and longer tenure in positions.  Candidates, like employers, are drawn to the many advantages our comprehensive pre-screening approach provides and so we are contacted daily by the most exceptionally qualified, personally appealing candidates available in the marketplace.    
  • Local—We understand the local and regional employment landscape and are on the pulse of the latest opportunities and the most recently available top-caliber candidates.
  • Affordable—As a small business ourselves, we understand pricing sensitivity.  Our staffing services are affordable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Flexible—We adapt our services to meet your needs and schedule our appointments to be most convenient for you. We are here to serve you!
  • Robust Process—Our services are web based and secure—making it easy for you to address staffing needs when most convenient for you.  Our in-depth knowledge of the local and regional job market provides valuable benchmarks for you.

Let Paradigm Staffing Solutions make the employee/position fit that will help you thrive!