Ready to Select a Candidate and Make an Offer? Ask These Questions First!

If you have finished interviewing and are about to make a candidate selection—please take a few moments and consider the following questions:

  1. Do I have any additional questions for the intended candidate?
  2. Do I have any concerns at all about the candidate?  If so, have I discussed my concerns with the candidate so we can overcome them together?
  3. Am I certain this candidate is genuinely interested in this specific position?
  4. Can I challenge them effectively in their position to ensure they do not become bored or burned out?
  5. Does the candidate clearly understand my expectations for their performance?
  6. Have I been thorough and detailed regarding their responsibilities, goals, and objectives for this position to ensure we can objectively measure their contributions against my written criteria?
  7. Have I done all of my due diligence?  Checked their references? Done a background investigation and drug test?
  8. What is my gut telling me regarding this candidate?
  9. What is my plan if they do not accept the job or if they don’t work out in the position?

Once you have answered these questions—you will be in an ideal position to move forward with extending an offer to the candidate of your choice.  Also, you will have greatly enhanced the candidate’s potential for success in the new position and for making a significant contribution to your company.